Donating Books

Thanks to the tremendous response to our call, we have received more than 113,000 books! We are deeply grateful for this outpouring of generosity and concern.

Since the "3.11 Picture Book Project in Iwate" was begun, more than 113,000 books have arrived at the Morioka City Central Civic Center. As of May 1, all of the boxes have been unpacked and the books sorted. For a certain period, we asked donors to refrain from sending books, but are now again accepting contributions.

We ask donors of books to keep the following requests in mind. • Please send only Japanese books (mainly picture books and illustrated books for children aged 1 to around 12). We regret we cannot accept other types of books (paperbacks, manga, encyclopedias, etc.) • Please select books that are clean and in fair to good condition

The Picture Book Project has been delivering books to the children of the disaster-stricken areas since April 4, working with local volunteers to give readings for the children.

 From now on, the project will work to deliver picture books to the smaller evacuation centers and temporary housing sites. In many of the disaster areas, libraries, day-care centers, and other facilities for children were destroyed, so it is difficult for local public services to house books.

 To respond to this situation, the "3.11 Picture Book Project in Iwate," in addition to its work of gathering, sorting, and distributing books, has launched the mini bookmobile "Ehon Car" project. Small-scale, custom designed bookmobiles will make the rounds of the evacuation centers, bringing books to children where they are living.

 We have now begun collecting funds to purchase such bookmobiles. We look forward to your generous support.